You can call me Dani.

I started BYDD when I was 15; it was a dream, but with 18, it came to reality.What means BYDD I took it simple from my Name BY (Daniel Derajic)

As a young Human, you have to figure out what your Hobby is or what you want to work. And do you want to live your Hobby or let it be a Dream or go to a job that you don´t love? Then try to find something you love.

BYDD is a company for creativity, and it should be grown STEP BY STEP.

Now I am 21, and I love to Photograph, build Websites, and to write music. And after a long day to give my body rest with the sport.  

To be Involved in Projects, where you have so many abilities to learn from each other, is a blessing. 

If you want to work on something, just let me now.


Interested in working together? Get in touch!

Daniel Derajic

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